Colostrum Bodybuilding


Colostrum bodybuilding supplements are available from many companies including ImmuneTree, SynerTek etc. Colostrum as we all know is the first milk that comes out of the mammary glands of mammals that supplies many essential elements to ensure better immunity to the child. Bovine colostrum supplements are widely used for weight loss, metabolism improvement and building muscle mass.

Colostrum Bodybuilding supplements: Things to know

The benefits of colostrums for athletes and bodybuilders have been widely advocated by experts. Among the many important constituents of Colostrum is IGF-1 which is also the most talked about. IGF-1 helps in building. The IGF-1 constituent of colostrums prevents the breaking down of muscle tissues and also improves the protein synthesis process. It also increases muscle fibres in the body.

Bodybuilding Colostrum supplement: dosage

The effectiveness of colostrums also depends on the amount that you take. You should make sure that it doesn’t unnaturally increase the level of IGF-1 in your blood. If you take around 70 grams of bovine colostrums per week, it won’t show in drug test either.

Bodybuilding colostrum dosage ranges from 20 to 60 grams per day for powder form and about 25 to 120 ml per day for liquid form. However, there has been a lot of bias on the exact bovine colostrums dosage. You should get around 1.7 to 120 microgram/day of IGF-1 from the supplements you consume. You can start with 10 grams per day, taking 5 in the morning and 5 in the night.

Bovine Colostrum for improved bodyublidng performance

As we all know, Bovine colostrums bodybuiding supplements are among the most popular ones and preferred by athletes as well. Besides IGF-1, colostrum also consists of many other important compoenetns like immunoglobulins, cytokines, lactoferrin etc. These along with IGF-1 and IGF-2 increase the lean muscle mass, prevent muscular tissue breakdown and improve muscle growth as a whole. Colostrum Bodybuilding supplements also improves metabolism and hence the process of fat digestion. Although the exact working process of bovine colostrums bodybuilding supplements is still unknown, there are users of these who have admitted to seeing some good results after using them.

Bovine Colostrum Supplements Conclusion

If you are looking for some effective supplemens, you can give bovine colostrum supplements a try. Besides helping build your muscle fibre, they also keep you healthier by boosting your immunity and improving your metabolism. As it is a natural product, you generally won’t have to worry about its negative effects unless you are suffering from some conditions. Make sure you buy the colostrums products from trusted manufacturers. You can try using products like Flex6Fitness from ImmuneTree, one of the most trusted colostrum bodybuilding supplement manufacturers.